Pre & Post Theater

Taking in the theater or a movie today… BISTRO MAISON is within a rose’s throw of the Gallery and Mac Theater, Bistro Maison invites theater guests to experience the joy of Pre and Post show or movie dining.

Begin with their homemade Country Style Paté or escargot while ordering fabulous entrees such as “Coq au Vin,” and “Steak au Poivre,” or try palate pleasing desserts for the Post show celebration. Diners find the restaurant so irresistible they lose track of time. Do not worry, at 7:50pm, the Bistro offers a prompt reminder by approaching your table with dimming the lights on and off slightly. For those not attending a show or movie, be assured that your dining experience will be memorable, as Bistro Maison caters to all dining types, and delivers unforgettable ambiance.