Bistro Menu Glossary

Amuse bouche: A little “treat for the mouth” – usually a surprise from the chef.

Apertif: Before-dinner drink.

Aioli: Garlic mayonnaise – standard condiment with pomme frites (french fries)

Boeuf bourgignon: Beef stew with red wine, onion, bacon, and mushrooms.

Cassoulet: A casseorle of white beans with various meats such as sausage, duck, pork, lamb, and goose.

Charcuterie: Cold cuts, sausages, terrine, pates.

Clafoutis: Traditional tart made with batter and fruit, such as sweet cherries.

Fromage: Cheese. In France, cheese is served as a separate course in a meal

Fruits de Mer: Seafood

Hors D’Oeuvre: Appetizer or first course.

Pate: Spiced ground meat baked in a mold, served hot or cold.

Petit Fours: Tiny cakes and pastires.

Plat: Entree. The “plat du jour” is the day’s Special.

Pomme Frites: French fries.

Poule: Chicken

Potage: Soup, usually pureed.

Saucisson: A dried sausage.