A wedding is much more than the ceremony and reception. There are special events that lead up to and precede the wedding day. Bistro Maison will create the perfect backdrop.

And you can rest assured that every detail will be handled with impeccable care and attention to detail.

Let everyone share in your joy by celebrating with an engagement party in our Paris Suite. We have experience arranging engagement parties that are elegant, exciting  and memorable.

Bridal Shower
Shower the bride with joy and happiness.  We offer a charming venue with a menu and pricing options that will make your moms and bride maids jump for joy. A bridal shower in our Paris Suite, main dining room or patio is sure to be a cherished memory for the bride and her guests alike.

Bridesmaid Luncheon
Show your appreciation for your cherished bridesmaids with an unforgettable bridesmaid luncheon. Whether you choose our private suite, or enjoy the charming surroundings of  our quaint Bistro, we stand ready to create a luncheon that will leave everyone impressed

“Meet the Parents” Dinner
It is time to bring the parents together to share in the joy of the approaching wedding. You want everything to be perfect, and that’s just what you will find at Bistro Maison.  Our award-wining Restaurant offer ideal settings for an elegant “meet the parents” dinner.

Rehearsal Dinner
The rehearsal dinner can often be one of the most memorable experiences during your wedding planning. It is a time to pay tribute to your close friends and family members who have worked so hard to bring this special wedding to completion. Bistro Maison offers several impressive alternatives for this occasion.

Farewell Brunch
Your out-of-town guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness when you treat them to a sumptuous Farewell Brunch the morning after your special day.  Bistro Maison offers several settings that are ideal for this final event of the wedding.